Monday, April 28, 2014

Twitter Tips and Manners

You know what tweets I don't pay much attention to?  The ones that say "Here's my blog post, please read it! <link>"


Before I really understood twitter I was guilty of similar stupid tweets.  Sorry about that.

Then I started reading twitter tips and paying attention and finding awesome tweeters.  And I learned a thing or two.

1. Don't just tweet links. It's boring and no one is going to click anyway.  Give me a reason to click.  Like if you wrote a post about kitchen organization tweet something like "If you've ever lost your can opener, this kitchen organization post is for you <link>!"  That's much more interesting and I'm highly likely to click over to read.  And yes, we've lost our can opener before. It involved a frantic trip to the dollar store to get a junky new one so I could continue making dinner.  Good times.

2. Interact with people.  Twitter is very conversational.  See a post you like?  Write back and comment to the person.  Tweet about trending topics, tweet to your followers or people YOU follow.  Tweet at a celebrity if you want, sometimes they tweet back.  I keep begging Shonda Rhimes for Grey's Anatomy spoilers and she has yet to deliver.  I'm holding out hope though.  :)

3.  Follow back.  When someone follows me, I've started almost always following back.  It's a nice reciprocation and I find that I enjoy reading what they have to say.

4. Follow others.  I follow plenty of people who DON'T follow me. I follow because I'm interested in them.  Sometimes I tweet to them, sometimes I just read what they post.  Sometimes they end up following me back, sometimes they don't.  Find people with similar interests and follow them, you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of twitter!

5. Favorite or Retweet from others.  This is a nice way to be social.  I know that I am so appreciative when someone retweets one of my tweets or tweets out a link from my blog!  If you get retweeted be sure to thank them or favorite it.

I hope these little tips helped you out!  You can find me tweeting about all sorts of stuff HERE.


  1. I tweet a bunch of posts through triberr--so boring. And I favorite a lot, but I don't do much conversation. It not my favorite SM, and I still don't really get it.

  2. I am bad about just posting on twitter and not having convos too. I'll take this advice-thanks!


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