Monday, April 7, 2014

E: Easter Basket Fillers

Today in the A-Z month long challenge is the letter E, so let's talk EASTER basket fillers!

This post from last year gives lots of ideas for edibles that aren't candy:

1. Juice boxes
2. Granola bars (doesn't have to be the whole box!  Buy one box and stick a couple in each kid's basket)
3. Bag of microwave popcorn
4. Little cartons or baggies of Goldfish crackers
5. Mini boxes of cereal
6. Graham cracker sticks
7. Animal crackers
8. Pretzel sticks
9. Puffs (for the toddler age group)
10. Fruit cups
11. Jello cups
12. Baggy of Cheez-It crackers
13. Teddy Grahams

To add to this, I've got an Easter Basket Fillers board on Pinterest with a variety of ideas to put in your child's basket this year like nerf guns, books, spray-on sidewalk chalk, and more!

Follow TheBargainBabe's board Easter Basket Fillers & Ideas on Pinterest.

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