Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do you keep warm?

It is c-c-c-cold outside right now! What do you do to keep warm? Drink hot coffee or tea? Have a fire? Wear extra layers of clothes?

My favorite keep-warm strategy is to get under our electric blanket! Husband bought it for me for our anniversary and it is the best!

Do you have an electric blanket? I can't believe I went all these years without one. Never again!


  1. found you through the Etsy Virtual Lab. I don't have an electric blankie but I have a down comforter that I absolutely love! :)

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for commenting on my Feasting on Americana blog :) You can also find me at Cooking At Cafe D (where I occasionally post about my Etsy stuff.)

    Yes, I now have a heating blanket. I didn't grow up with one. But, after a bad car accident, my fiance showed me the wonders of applied heat. Wow. Now I love having it available.

  3. I am absolutely addicted to my heating blanket! I sleep with every night and would be a popsicle without it. My 100-year-old house is SO cold!

  4. I dont have a heating blanket :(
    Maybe I should get one!

  5. Coffee for sure and my furry doggies too!


Happy to have you here at the Zucchini Summer Blog! :)