Sunday, February 27, 2011

People with no html skills should not blog

Hi. Have you visited the blog in the past week? I was trying to format it with a great new background.

Only it flopped. Big. flOP.

Instead of changing the background, it somehow layered it over my old one.

Layers are great for clothing, bedding, keeping babies warm in winter. Layers are not great for blogs. Polka dot and green grass just don't really GO.

My apologies. I would like to tell you that I've been working on it non-stop since I realized the problem. *chuckle* But who are we kidding?

This week we have had 2 sick kids off and on, me volunteering at the school, me rallying for public education, meetings, meetings and more meetings.

Oh and I've made 4 new sets of Lunchbox Notes. They'll go up in the store one by one this week to join the dozen sets already there.

And with this week promising to give me more time for, well, everything, I promise to look into the bizarre polka dot layers. Stay tuned for a pretty new layout!


  1. Too funny! I have no idea what to tell you, but it's definitely a unique look! :) Sorry to hear your kids have been sick. That's no fun at all. Hope they're feeling better soon!

  2. I had the same exact thing happen a few weeks ago when I was working on my blog! I almost fainted! :) I solved it by COMPLETELY switching my blogger template to one I hadn't used before. Then I went back and added the background again, although I did NOT use the original one I had picked that messed everything up in the first place. Maybe that will help you? Good luck and hope everyone is well soon!
    Deanna @

  3. Blogging is one lesson after another. Still trying to figure it out!

  4. You had me laughing before I even started reading by the title alone. The new background looks great! Glad you got it to work for you.

  5. Thank you for the sweet comments! It was quite comical as I sat there and added codes for a design, feeling quite proud of myself. I wish there had been a camera to capture the look on my face when the TWO designs showed up one on top of the other!

    I found these cute clouds as a template already in blogger and thought they were fitting, so clouds it is!


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