Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sneak Peek

*looks around with shifty eyes* *looks over shoulder*

*whispers* ONLY for you my dear readers. A sneak peek at two new sets of Lunchbox Notes. They haven't even been added to my shop yet. You get the first look!

Honeysuckle pink and turquoise are the latest trends in colors for spring. I combined them both in these cherry little cards.

You asked for some cards for men, *cough* husbands, and I obliged! Wouldn't this set of neutral dashes work well for a man? Even for a middle school boy, coworker, etc. I am excited to release them later this week!

P.S. Have you been to TheRikRak Studio blog? She is having a giveaway with lots of possible ways to enter. I kind of hate to tell you about it because then you will go enter and reduce my chances of winning.** BUT if I post about it, then I get an extra I am hoping it evens out in the end.
**Hey, I am nothing if not honest.


  1. I love the new colors for spring! The cards look awesome!

  2. I love the pattern you picked out for the guys - very trendy yet masculine too!

  3. The man cards look great! I love the pattern.


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