Sunday, May 29, 2011

To MO, AL, OK.....With Love

Damage in Joplin, MO.

We all know that many parts of the US have been destroyed by recent tornadoes. Missouri, Oklahoma, and Alabama were hit hardest.

oklahoma storm, tornado damage, oklahoma tornado damage
Destruction in Oklahoma.

alabama 2011 tornado damage, tuscaloosa tornado
Devastation in Alabama.

Now is the time to give what you can to help. A dollar. If each of my followers gave
one dollar, we'd raise over $200 for relief.

It's a drop in the bucket, but a big drop!

I've compiled a list here of ways you can help. Please choose one that best suits you and give as you are able. Our fellow Americans depend on it.

Red Cross: Donate online at their website here.
quilts for alabama, bama bound quilt, tornado victim, tornado relief donations

Bama Bound Quilts
For all my sewing buddies! If you can make a child's sized blanket, this group will get it to kids who need it! They also need handmade tote bags for the blankets to go in as well
as a small stuffed animal to put with them.
quilt, old red barn quilt, gray quilt
Dana who blogs at Old Red Barn has a clever gig going! If you donate through the little paypal button on her blog, she gives the money to Red Cross. PLUS, for each dollar you donate, she enters you in a drawing to win this gorgeous quilt. Handmade by her!
Salvation Army: A well-known organization providing help to the damaged communities. You can donate online here.
doxie puppy, dachshund puppy, cute puppy

Doxie puppy says "Please donate."
Christ's Church of Oronogo (a local church in MO) is leading the way with organizing volunteers, donations, and shelter for people in need. To learn more about how you can partner with them to help, visit their website here.
Pray. Of course the thing that costs nothing is the most powerful. Pray that families who lost loved ones will be comforted. Pray that those whose employer is no longer functioning can find work. Pray for children who will be terrified of every flash of lighting from now on. Pray for workers to have strength and energy.
JFK Quote, make a difference, make a difference quote, Kennedy, democrat quote
Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about this blog post so they can see ways to donate. Tweet about Red Cross. Blog about the Bama Bound Quilts. Update on facebook and ask friends to give $1. We have the power to help!

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