Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Funnies

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, and a Hanukkah as well if you celebrate.  :)

Here are today's funnies for you.  Enjoy!

printer comic, printer funny, printer smell fear

Oh this is true, I am horrible at parallel parking and my gosh, people watching me makes it worse!  Once, in New York, I was driving a rental car and parallel parking on a street that I'd never been on.  And my parking spot was right in front of an eatery with outdoor seating.  There were people 3 feet away from me, watching. And laughing.

Baby's first flight:
baby on airplane, baby airplane what have you gotten us into, baby plane, baby at airport

Have a great weekend--we are wrapping Christmas gifts, making decorations, and I've got a surprise gift for the kids on December 1st to celebrate the season. (They each get a new book. Shhh! Don't tell.)

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  1. I absolutely believe printers smell fear. In our case, they smell that I need it for homeschool lessons and choose not to work. Have a great weekend!


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