Monday, August 19, 2013

24 Letter "N" Snacks

This week's letter for our snack list is "N."  If you're teaching preschool, homeschooling, or just looking to add some variety and fun to your children's routine, here are some N foods to help you out!

  1. Nuts
  2. Naval oranges
  3. Nutter butter cookies
  4. Navy Bean Soup
  5. Nips (the caramel hard candies. Menards often sells them)
  6. Nutter Butters
  7. Napa cabbage
  8. Nabisco products
  9. New England Clam Chowder
  10. Naan
  11. Nachos
  12. Nectarines
  13. Nilla wafers
  14. Nutella
  15. Nestea
  16. Necco wafers
  17. Neopolitan ice cream
  18. No bake cookies
  19. Nerds candy
  20. Nestle chocolate (for making hot chocolate)
  21. Nutrigrain bars
  22. New potatoes
  23. Nuggets-Chicken
  24. Nuggets-the Hershey's chocolates


  1. I totally love these posts! They are super helpful for when I have snack week at school! I can send the perfect things!

  2. Love your letter snacks! Keep them coming. :)

  3. Oh fun, this will be great for school this year, I think I'll take the ice cream please!

  4. Who kNew there were so many N snacks? Hmmm, now I'm hungry! Maybe I'll have some nuts!

  5. So fun and yummy! :) I love an easy way to tie education into everyday life!

  6. I love seeing all the snack ideas. I'm always at a loss for different snacks.

  7. I love Nerds! This is a great idea for my preschooler!

  8. Love the alphabet food posts. Who would have thought there were so many foods to choose from. :)


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