Tuesday, August 6, 2013

mom memories

Everyone tells mothers to "cherish these days". "They go fast." "You'll miss the little things."

When my kids are grown and out of the house, I will miss little handprint smudges on the walls, windows, every counter surface.

When my kids are grown and out of the house, I will miss the sometimes-complex bedtime routines.

When my kids are grown and out of the house, I will miss hearing about the school day.

I will miss cheering at soccer games and belt graduations at karate.
I will miss helping a little one wash his little hands.
I will miss seeing the older one's Lego projects and skateboard tricks.

I will NOT miss getting them {up}, {dressed}, {fed}, and {out} the door for church on Sunday mornings. Not. One. Bit..
^Not a real photo of me and my kids. In case you were wondering.
Let's hear it moms: What will you NOT miss 5, 10, 15 years from now?  Sound off in the comments!


  1. I miss the look of adoration from them, like you hung the moon. I miss the hugs, laying on the couch together watching their favorite movie and the butterfly kisses. I miss being their hero.

  2. Ha! Sunday mornings do not get in me the worshipful spirit I am supposed to be in--5 heads of girls' hair and everything else gets crazy. But once we get to church, I am so glad. I do not miss the diapers and potty training and car seats--but all those other things, I am sure I will miss (and maybe even doing the hair!)

  3. A few of my kids are older, and I miss when they took what I said as gospel, but I love that they have opinions and beliefs of their own and know how to express them.
    I miss my 13 year old wanting to hug and cuddle.
    I miss my 11 year old being my baby.
    But his 5 year old brother has taken his place.
    I miss having babies. I loved being a sahm with my last son. I worked with all three of my older boys.
    BUT, when they leave:
    I won't miss having to budget down to the very penny to make sure everyone is fed, clothes without holes,and shoes that fit.
    I won't miss the noise. 4 boys sound like a herd of elephants walking through my house.
    I won't miss the smell. Oh my goodness the smell of 15 year old boy body is disgusting...so are my 5 year old's feet.
    I won't miss having to chat with my husband on Facebook so we can have an uninterrupted conversation.
    I won't miss spending $200 on groceries only to have them gone in a week.
    And I won't miss the fighting. 4 boys. 4 personalities. 4 opinions on everything. 4 kids wanting attention all at the same time.
    But, I do love being around my kids. Maybe they'll live close by when they're older ;)

  4. I will not miss the bedtime routine. EVERY NIGHT they ask me if they have to brush their teeth. Why, yes, you do! Why would today be any different than the other 4,862 nights you've asked me that question!?

  5. I will miss banana and peanut butter every morning, "talking" stories every night at bed, him thinking I know everything, his innocence... I will not miss all the arguing!

  6. I wont miss the arguments at all!

  7. I won't miss the diapers! Or trying to get my little on to sit in his carseat. He's mastered the art of arching his back, and it's impossible to get him in there! I'm going to miss everything else though!

  8. I will miss the little things she says. Like when she wants me to hold her, she says, "Mommy, hold you!" I won't miss the agony over choosing a cart (the red car or blue car, the regular buggy, mommy I want to push it!) in the grocery store.

  9. Getting out the door almost any day is rough. I also will not miss chasing after him with his coat when it's time to leave for school and he doesn't want to go. He's only 2! LOL I'll really miss the cute things he says, and how he says them, though.


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