Monday, August 5, 2013

"B" Themed Snacks and Foods

Looking for alphabet themed snacks for a preschool group?  Look no further!
We recently did a list of "p" snacks/foods and now we will work through the rest of the alphabet!

Today I have 24 "B" snacks to share with you. Print the list or pin it for future reference!  Some of the ideas are common preschool favorites (bananas!), some may stretch their little taste buds (butternut squash!).

snacks that start with b, letter of the week, preschool snacks

B snacks

  1. Banana
  2. Blueberries
  3. Blackberry cobbler
  4. Banana pudding
  5. Beef stew
  6. Broccoli salad
  7. Bok Choy
  8. Bacon
  9. Buffalo wings
  10. Bagels
  11. Brownies
  12. Brussel sprouts
  13. Baklava
  14. Baby Ruth
  15. Bologna
  16. Butternut squash
  17. Babybel cheeses
  18. Biscuit
  19. Bbq
  20. Bratwurst
  21. Brown rice
  22. Bugles chips
  23. Baked beans
  24. Bruschetta


  1. Wow! I totally never realized how many foods start with B. This has now given me an idea of introducing the alphabet by eating a certain letter a day. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I've never thought to do letter of the day foods-maybe do a letter of the week snack theme to spread them out. Clever. Peanut would enjoy helping make the snacks.

  3. I'm so hungry all of a sudden! This is a really yummy sounding list Tammy. Really cute idea. :-)

  4. I was just writing up a preschool lesson. Its always fun thinking up snacks with the letter you are doing that week. : )

  5. Love this list.

  6. Thank YOU! I have to send in snacks for the week to preschool - and this works perfect with their letter of the week.

    1. So glad you found it and it was helpful for you! I have snack ideas for all the letters a-z, so check back again later in the year when you have another letter to send in snack for. :)


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