Friday, July 27, 2012

Farm Rich Giveaway-- 2 coupons for free food!

Have you heard of Farm Rich before?

I had, but had not tried the food.  They sent me coupons to try two items of my choice, do a review, and give away two free coupons to one of you lucky people!

So first of all, I typically shop at Kroger.  I looked briefly for Farm Rich while I was there and did not see it so I ended up going to Walmart and getting my products there.  However, if I would have bothered to try Farm Rich's online product locator, I would have seen that my Kroger does INDEED carry them.

I chose the Mozzarella Bites wrapped in pizza dough and the Marinara Stuffed Mozzarella Sticks.

Yep.  2 products with mozzarella.

Can you tell I love cheese??

Now they also have mini quesedillas, mushrooms, meatballs, stuffed pretzel bites, and tons more! 

But we went with the cheesey stuff.

First off---the mozzarella bites.  They are little squares and you can eat 4 for a serving size.  I love that they are encased in pizza dough.  I baked them on our pampered chef stone and they came out perfectly.  Even my husband (not a frozen food/snacky food fan) came back and got more!  That is HUGE.

Second, we had the marinara stuffed mozzarella sticks.  It's so cool that the sauce is on the INSIDE of the cheesestick!  These also have a great flavor, I like the breading the most.  You only get 2 in a serving size though(160 calories), so for those of us counting calories, you gotta be careful. And again, my husband ate these every time I made them.

Yes, "every time I made them."  The bags you get with Farmrich contain a lot and I was able to use each bag about 3 separate times to make snacks for my family!  You can cook the entire bag at once if you are the Duggars or are having a party.  :-)

Soooo, now the part you all are super interested in...winning the giveaway!

Farmrich will send one of you lucky ducks two coupons to try out their goodies!

Here are the deets:

Enter to win!
--mandatory-- Visit  Farm Rich and comment here to tell us which snack you are the most excited to try out!
--remember to leave your email address with this entry. 

--bonus entries--
  • Followers of my blog get 2 extra entries (just comment "I follow-1" & "I follow-2" to get the bonus)
  • Leave a comment on any other of my blog posts, then comment here with the link--1 extra entry
  • Tweet about this giveaway!  1 entry (leave tweet link as a comment)
  • Follow me on pinterest?  Give yourself another entry!
Boring fine print---
Open to all US residents 18 and over.  The company is responsible for sending the prize.  Giveaway closes August 10th at noon EST.  Winner will be announced August 11th and notified by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond and claim their prize before another winner will be chosen.

UPDATE-- giveaway closed
#18 ---Shannon is the winner.  She left no email address though.  I will send her a tweet and she has 48hrs to respond.....Monday, 5:50 PM EST before a new winner will be named.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Our youngest had a stomach virus.

Then he got hives.

The doctor told us to try Zyrtec for him until the hives cleared up.

Guess what the zyrtec did?  Wired the little guy.  Two nights he didn't go to sleep until after midnight.

Now we're on benadryl and he's much more calm. :)  Still covered in hives though.  Any idea how long they will last?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Red, White, & Blue Pinterest Drink. Nailed it. (Or "How Pinterest Destroyed My Trust")

Hey guess what.  Pinterest tells lies.  Lies, I tell you!  This happened last week and I am finally brave enough to tell you my story.

I decided to try this layered drink from pinterest.  

found on pinterest, original is HERE
7up, Hawaiian punch, and blue Gatorade.  ALLEGEDLY, the drink with the highest sugar content sinks and thus the drinks form an awesome striped effect.
also unsourced at pinterest.  

Cool, right?

Except when I tried it, I got this.

this is my "thumbs down" for the drink debacle

A reddish, slightly brownish mix of 3 drinks. No stripes. No layers.  No awesomeness.  Pinterest, you LIED to me!  

I had poured my 3 drinks in the cup, one at a time, sugary-est (new word!) first and it was a big fail.  I even tried AGAIN later in the week (you are correct, I am a stubborn old mule) with different brands of punch/etc.  Same result.  

Pinterest, I have forgiven you...although am still a bit skiddish around the recipes section now.  It's gonna take awhile for you to earn back the trust.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh hi. It is 190* outside. 5 Things to do INSIDE.

If you live somewhere that has been having 75* weather lately, keep that to yourself.  I live in the Midwest which is also known as the BROILER right now.  
How HOT is it outside?  LOL

So hot you cannot go outside.  Well you can but you'll drop over dead after five minutes (you think this is an exaggeration...)
Pinned Image

In honor of the wretched heat, I present to you......(drum roll please.  humor me people.  DRUM ROLL)

isn't the sad faced sun a nice touch?
Although it looks like a child's drawing,
I drew it myself. 
1. --Put the swimsuits on the kids and get them in the tub, turn out all the lights and add glow sticks.  This looks so fun!  Our Dollar Tree often has the glow sticks (or Michael's craft store in the dollar section) and I aim to pick some up soon.
glow stick bath, glow sticks in bathtub, bath time fun, kids bath
from pinterest via happy home fairy
2.--Have the neighbor kids over, build a fort in the living room, and watch a movie.  Standard idea but it never gets old for kids!  For bonus fun, give each kid paper money and set up your "concession stand" in the kitchen.  They can use their "money" to buy a bowl of popcorn, juice box, mini candy bar, etc.

3.-- Make this. 
strawberry, graham cracker & cool whip no bake cake.  made this July 4th, very good. :)
from pinterest via So How's It Taste
No bake strawberry cake.  I made this on July 4th and it was easy, only took a few ingredients, tasted great, AND you don't have to turn your oven on for it!

4.-- Help your kids make their own jet packs. 2 old 2liter bottles and felt!  How cute is this?!
Pinned Image
from pinterest via Doodle Craft

5-- Organize your stash of stuff for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  I know it is July and we're swimming in pools of our own sweat.  But November and National Collection Week will be here SOON.  Start organizing what you've got into gallon bags, or even the shoe boxes, according to gender and age.  

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