Thursday, December 27, 2018

8 Things to Say in a Sympathy Card

Ever needed to send a sympathy card? Ever not been sure what to write?  Whether the loss was anticipated or unexpected, we sometimes lack the words to say.  As someone on the receiving end of a lot of cards (our infant son passed away several years ago), here are some ideas for you:

  1. "I'm very sorry for your loss."
  2. "I am here for you."
  3. "Call anytime, day or night."
  4. "Hoping you can find moments of peace in the days ahead."
  5. Share a memory of the deceased. Ex: "I will always remember when you first introduced me to Joe and he..."
  6. Tell a character trait you admire of the deceased. Ex: "Carol was always so good at making everyone feel welcome. I can see that's where you got your gift at hospitality from!"
  7. "May God grant you comfort during this hard time."
  8. "Thinking of you."

These statements are simple but impactful.  Stay far away from any sort of "They are in a better place now" or "At least..." types of statements. 

Remember: the person experiencing loss will have a hard time all year long as the "firsts" roll around (First birthday without Grandpa, first Christmas, first anniversary of the death, etc).  If you put it on your calendar to send a card/text at those times too it will really help the grieving loved ones.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Funnies: Christmas

Merry Christmas!  I'm back this week with 3 great funnies to start your holiday weekend!

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Holiday Coupons with Swagbucks

We're all looking for ways to save big at the register. Well, I've found a way to make every coupon I use at my local grocery store worth an extra 25¢!

How you ask? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Sign up at
2) Head over to the Grocery Coupons page and start clipping coupons for your upcoming shopping trip 
3) Use the coupons the next time you shop at your local grocery store. You'll earn 25 points (25¢) for every coupon you use. 
That's it! 

But, that's not all... Today through Monday, December 10th, you can earn 2 points (2¢) for every coupon you print, up to 50 prints per day. That's an extra dollar every day just for printing coupons that will save you a ton on your next grocery store haul!