Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Funnies: T-Rex

T-Rex and his little arms always crack me up.  The last pic here is one I've not seen before and has become my new favorite!

Happy Friday!

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t rex tiny arms, t rex song, t rex comic, trex funny

t rex playing twister, triceratops funny, stegasaurus comic, trex comic, t rex tiny arms

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Funnies: Dogs

Friday Funnies!!  Have a great weekend!

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dogs afraid of cat, dogs and cat, dogs need courage, got my dogs beds for birthday

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Shows You Should Be Watching

Looking for something decent to watch on TV?  These 5 shows are just what you need.  Some are dramas, some are comedies, all 5 are my favorites!
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1. Underground (WGN and Hulu)
hulu underground, underground railroad show, best of hulu
I heard about this show about the Underground Railroad with John Legend as a producer. That's always been a part of history that fascinates me and  that I think we can all learn from to avoid repeating the horrid mistakes our country made then.
Then I learned the show is on WGN...a channel we don't get.  Hulu also has the show "Underground" but we also didn't have Hulu.  Until now.  I bought a Hulu subscription and watched the entire 10-episode, first season of this series in 48 hours.  

The rest of the shows in this list are in random order.  "Underground" is number one for a reason.

2. This Is Us (NBC)
nbc this is us, jack and rebecca, big five, sterling k brown, this is us finale, toby and kate

A hit show from NBC that just wrapped up it's first season, This Is Us is a family drama that follows the lives of 3 siblings via flashbacks.  The series is known to be a tear-jerker but there are also many laugh-out-loud moments mixed in.  Watch it and see if you love Randall and Beth as much as I do. 

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)
a series of unfortunate events show, series of unfortunate events neil patrick harris, patrick warburton, who narrates series unfortunate events, Lemony snicket, best of netflix, must watch netflix, shows based on kids books, children books tv shows

Based on the amazing books by Lemony Snicket, this series (I'm referring to both the books and the show) are for kids and adults alike.  Neil Patrick Harris stars as the evil Count Olaf. Patrick Warburton with his deep, serious voice, as the narrator is phenomenal.  

4. Man With A Plan (CBS)
man with a plan, joey from friends, matt leblanc show, cbs comedy, sitcoms, new sitcoms, CBS hits

"Friends" star Matt LeBlanc stars in this half-hour sitcom.  Let me hit you with honesty: we loved his character "Joey" but were not sure THIS new show would be any good. Spoiler alert: the show really is good.

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
netflix originals, tina fey, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, best of netflix, best of tv, titus andromedon, ellie kemper, carol Kane

Hilarious. Every single episode.  The story follows the fictional Kimmy character who was locked in a bunker for 15 years by a cult leader! She escapes and sets up a new life in New York.  This is the perfect half-hour show to make you laugh after a long day.


So, what do you think of the list?  What's on YOUR must-see list that I might be missing out on??

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Funnies: Cats

Here are this week's funnies---all cat related. :)  Have a great weekend!

take me to the fridge cat, giant cat and little girl, cat pictures, cat meme, cat humor

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Funnies

Happy FRIDAY!  
I was dying laughing at this one:
funny signs at work, office humor, office pranks, office april fools, april fools for work, april fools school, staff bathroom, dinosaur joke

dog eating banana, dog eat healthy, weight loss jokes, weight loss humor

Me last week with Strep Throat:
strep throat, flu, fibro humor, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression humor, teacher humor