I know, my name is The Bargain Babe, yet this is not a deal blog...in case you hadn't noticed.  I just randomly kind of picked the name when I made a google account a few years ago and now I'm stuck with it.  I do love bargains though and if you met my family they would tell you what a cheapskate....er "thrifty"...person I am.

The blog is named Zucchini Summer because quite simply, I love zucchini and they only grow here in the summer.  Again, it has nothing to do with the content of my blog.  Another one of my good blogging moves. (/sarcasm)

My husband and I live with our 2 kids and dog in the midwest where we are lucky (?) enough to get winter wind chills of down to -30 and summer heat indexes up to 110.  Some years are mild, some years you buckle up for the crazy train. 

If you want to send me an email, feel free!  zucchinisummer at gmail dot com  

Please send any requests about guest blogging (you for me or me for you), reviews, giveaways.  If your Great Uncle Amundeman in Nigeria died and left you 5 million dollars that you just have to get to the U.S....email someone else.  :)

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