Sunday, December 1, 2019

Self Care at Christmas

The hustle and bustle of Christmas can be wonderful. I love planning gifts for loved ones, seeing decorations up through town, and spending time with family.

However, I do NOT love the stress of making sure every gift is wrapped, that all the gifts we are taking with us actually make it to the car before we leave for the long-distance family, children with cabin fever who won't quit bickering, and constantly being surrounded by people.  This introvert needs a few minutes alone!

Chances are, this season has YOU in need of some self-care, too!  Read on for 9 easy ways to take care of yourself this month.

1. Get enough sleep.

I'm serious!  Quit staying up late for just one more thing.  Go to bed. (This is the hardest one for me to do!)

2. Play holiday music and drive around.

Alone. Or with the family if they can keep their act together. If not, the "family drive" will have to happen another time.  For self-care, play the music you like and drive through some neighborhoods to look at lights.  Bonus points if you bring hot chocolate to sip as you go!

3. Take a hot bath.

One of my favorite forms of self-care!  A nice hot bath with the door closed.  A few candles lit, bath salts, and maybe a book if I dare.  But, uh, good luck.

4. Order takeout.

Give yourself permission to grab takeout if you are overwhelmed.  Sure, it's not usually very healthy. But you know what? Gigantic amounts of stress aren't healthy either. Zip through the Arby's window and call it a day.  No one is judging you---we're all in line right behind you!  Save me some curly fries.

5. Tune in to your faith.

Attend your religious service, read from the Bible, pray, meditate.  

6. Flip through a magazine.

I love to read but we don't always have time for an entire book. If a whole book or chapter feels daunting to you this season, that is okay!  Sit back with a magazine and read an article or two. If you don't have any unread magazines at home, stop by your local library and give yourself a half hour to browse and read their magazine selection.  PLUS, the library is quiet.

7. Schedule a massage.

Many places offer half-hour massages or chair massages that can be quite affordable.  If possible, try to schedule one for yourself.  Or splurge for the entire hour or a mani/pedi!  If spending money on a massage isn't an option right now, try watching a YouTube video on self-massage techniques for the feet and hands and do your own massage!

8. Make your house smell great.

Stovetop simmers, candles, wax melts, or wall plug ins.  Choose a method and treat your senses to a pleasant smell.  Self-care should involve all of our senses: smell included!  Kohls had great wax melts called Caramel Toffee that they don't seem to have right now but they do have a candle version.  Any time of year, but especially fall/winter, I love to have deep cinnamony/caramely fragrances. My absolute favorite wax melt though is this one from Swan Creek. HOLY COW. 

Right now they are under $8 and well worth it!  I get compliments every time I have these melting in my house.  It's also a much larger package of wax melts than the standard ones you get for $3-5 at Target/Walmart.   

9. Get your endorphins flowing.

I'd like to think that running store to store for all the last minute things I forget counts as "running" but something tells me that my doctor would disagree. Exercise, even brief bits of it, can help release endorphins and make us feel better.  Try yoga in the morning, or a short walk on your lunch break. If you're into it, take a class at the gym or do some weight lifting.  Or just crank up some happy music and have a dance party with your family!