Tuesday, September 24, 2013

40 Snacks for the letters "E" and "F"

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Today I have 40 snack/food ideas that start with the letters E or F to share with you. You can use these ideas when planning your preschool letter of the week curriculum, homeschool activities, taking a snack to playgroup, etc.

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E snacks
  1. Edamame
  2. Ears of corn
  3. Eggplant
  4. Elbow macaroni
  5. Eggs
  6. Elephant ear
  7. Edy's Ice Cream
  8. Empanada
  9. Egg roll
  10. English muffins
  11. Everything bagel
  12. Enchiladas
  13. Eclairs
  14. Eggo waffles
  15. Eggo mini pancakes (in the freezer section)
  16. Egg drop soup

F snacks
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  1. Flan
  2. Fondue
  3. Fun-da-middles (in the cupcake mix section)
  4. Fun Dip candy
  5. Fruit Gushers fruit snacks
  6. Flipz chocolate covered pretzels
  7. Fruit Rollups
  8. Frosted Flakes cereal
  9. Fruit Loops cereal
  10. Frankenberries cereal
  11. Fruit snacks
  12. Fruit salad
  13. French fries
  14. Fudge
  15. Fried rice
  16. Funnel cake
  17. French toast
  18. Frog legs
  19. Fruit by the foot
  20. Fish sticks
  21. French bread
  22. Fresh veggies
  23. French salad dressing
  24. Falafel
    All of the Letter of the Week preschool snack ideas are also on Pinterest!

Shared our Letter of the Week snack idea fun with I Can Teach My Child.  A great blog and weekly link party. Check it out sometime!


  1. Ooo Fun Dip! That was my favorite candy growing up, and then it disappeared. Now they've brought it back for every single pass-out candy holiday there is. And imagine, I don't even like it anymore :(
    Frog legs-I think this should be a snack challenge!

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