Friday, June 5, 2020

Friday Funnies

Welcome to another round of Friday Funnies! 

When he asks your best qualities plump and unfiltered

I'll be famous one day but for now I'm stuck in 2nd grade with these morons

can't cannot essay henceforth I am unable to can

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

7 things we don't mind spending money on

When it comes to money, my husband and I are not big spenders.  When we first got married we were extremely frugal. Now that we are both working we still are pretty frugal compared to some of the rest of our generation.

But. We loosen the purse straps and spend some money on several things.  If we experience job loss, of course these will be the first things that get cut from the budget.  However, while we are able to, these are things that we don't mind spending money on!

[8 years ago I did a post on this topic. It's fun to look back at what has changed and what hasn't!]

1. Streaming Services.  

We used to pay for satellite dish but found that we could save a little money by cutting that out and going to Netflix and Hulu.  For awhile I was able to leverage Microsoft Rewards and get Hulu for free but the system changed. I still use Microsoft Rewards but now save up for gift cards to use for Christmas and we just pay Hulu out of pocket.

2. Books.

Yep, 8 years later and this is still on the list! The Coronavirus (Covid-19) quarantine had us staying home more than ever and with time on our hands to get in some good reading time.  With the social distancing directives we have stopped a lot of other spending (I miss going to movies!) so we use that to justify ordering books with wild abandon.  

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3. Cherry Coke

I swear if you show this post to my doctor, I will track you down and glare at you.  Soda is definitely not doctor-approved.  We're all allowed one vice to spend money on though, right?  I don't drink or smoke so I don't feel bad buying some cans of Cherry Coke each week.  Cherry Pepsi is not the same. Don't @ me.
7 things we don't mind spending money on

4. Heating & Cooling Our Home

In the last year we had extra insulation sprayed into the attic and bought a new heating/cooling system for the house.  We saved up the money until we were able to pay in full and that way we were able to upgrade without feeling bad for spending money.  Our old unit was too small and old to keep up with the temperatures outside. 

Here in the midwest we can see summers with a heat index over 100 and winters with wind chills -30.  We were constantly freezing or sweating in our home.  With the new insulation and heat/cool unit we are so much more comfortable AND energy efficient. Our monthly bills have gone DOWN.

5. Teacher Stuff

You may have heard that teachers spend a lot of their own money on their classrooms. You have heard correctly.  I try to focus on things that will benefit my students versus things that are just "cute."  For example, I give every student a brand new book of their own to keep at  Winter Break and at the end of the school year.  Since we are both working we can afford to do so and it's an expense that is worth it!

6. Graduate School

I am paying my way through a Master's degree program right now.  We pay each semester in full (no student loans!) and feel incredibly lucky to be able to do so.  It is indeed a chunk of money to spend but it is an investment in the future and in my earning potential so again, it's an expense that we feel is worth it. 

Pro-tip: Run the money through your 529 account. Adults can use those too!  It gives us a nice tax break at the end of the year on the money we were going to spend on my graduate program anyway!

7. Extra Life Insurance

Yeah, this is not nearly as exciting as Netflix, soda, and books. Still, extra life insurance (term life insurance) is worth the added cost.The goal is that if something were to happen to either of us, the remaining spouse would have enough money to provide for themselves and the children without added stress.  If, God forbid, we both die, we have a will and have left directives.  Again, the expense of an attorney and the expense of extra life insurance is well worth knowing that everything is taken care of for our children should something awful happen.
7 things we don't feel bad about buying

Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Funnies: Birds

This week's funnies are all about birds!  The first one is my favorite and the second one is all too relatable. :-/  

I shall name him Birdie Sanders

When you sit down and your thighs do the thing.

I open the other bird's cage and dump his food.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday Funnies: Social Distancing

Today's funnies are all about social distancing.  2 words we'd never really thought of until the Covid-19 outbreak and now it's just part of our normal lives!  We can laugh or huddle in a corner and cry. I choose to laugh (for today anyway. Tomorrow I may huddle in a corner. It depends.)

social distancing meme

social distancing funny

social distancing funny

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Why We Aren't Going Back to Church [yet].

Despite the Covid19 numbers being horrible (at the time of this writing we've now lost more Americans to coronavirus than we did to the Vietnam War, Iraq/Afghanistan, Gulf War, and 9/11....COMBINED), some places are opening back up.

There is much debate over the topic of what/when/how to open more of our country.  It's been a long 8 weeks-ish at home with nothing much to do but referee my kids' arguments.

Coronavirus. This is fine.

My particular county is still experiencing a continued increase in cases. And yet, we are opening.

That's right. Restaurants are open now, retail stores have opened back up, county workers are going back to county offices instead of working from home.  And churches are going to start meeting in person.

We won't be going to church yet.

We are thankful that our church is moving slowly and not just flinging the doors wide open on the first Sunday back. They've taken reasonable, measured steps and stages which we appreciate.  But even so.

Covid19 is prevalent in our community.  We have a fair amount of at-risk individuals that attend our church.  While mask-wearing is encouraged (by the church, the county, the state, and the CDC), there will be plenty that refuse to do so.

I don't want to accidentally give someone this virus.  Studies are showing that many who spread Covid19 are asymptomatic!  They wouldn't even know to stay home because they had no symptoms!  I don't want to give someone's grandma or immune-compromised child a potentially deadly illness.

So, we aren't going to church yet. Some like to act like their faith gives them the power to meet in person and not be affected (see some of those whacko preachers who defied stay at home orders).  Some people continue to claim it is just the flu (God help me with some of your children. Things down here are rough.).  

But in fact, it is my faith that compels me to stay home from church.
My love for my community, for everyone else's grandmas and grandpas.  For my own.  For our neighbors and coworkers.  I would feel awful if they became ill.  So for now, we will continue to stay home and watch church online.  Thankful for technology that allows us to gather digitally.

If you choose to go back sooner, we can still be friends. :)  Just promise me you'll wear a mask! 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Funnies

Everywhere we look the world is saturated with comments, stories, and memes about Covid19.  And lest you think I'm above week's funnies have a bit of a pandemic twist to them.  But this week?  I needed a break from all-things-coronavirus.  You too?  Good. This week's humor is all about gardening!  Happy Friday (is today Friday?  I can't keep track anymore).
Darn impatiens. Gardening humor.

Spring flower humor
What kind of bulbs did you say you planted?

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Our Favorite Family-Friendly Netflix Movies

Clearly we are all staying at home a lot more lately.  Thank you, Covid19 Pandemic. *sarcastic eyeroll*

If your family is like ours, more being at home = more Netflix watching.

My husband and I are watching things like Ozark when the kids aren't around.  But cartel-money-laundering-murderer isn't exactly the topic I want my kids to be watching.  So here are our favorite family-friendly Netflix movies.
Need a family-friendly movie to watch on Netflix? Here are our favorites for family movie night..including some old movies and newer releases too!

1. Despicable Me

Despicable Me  & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
The world has become a bit overrun with minion memes.  But don't let that stop you from rewatching the original Despicable Me movie. Steve Carell is a fabulous tender-hearted-former-bad-guy in this kid's movie that will keep even the adults entertained.

2. Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
We saw The Secret Life of Pets in the theater when it released in 2016 and we all enjoyed it!  Another family-friendly movie that the adults will enjoy just as much as the kids!

3. Hook

Hook & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
Who else remembers seeing Hook as a kid? *raises hand*  It's now available on Netflix so that you can share the magical experience with your own children!

4. Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider Man Into the Spider-Verse  & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
Truth bomb: I do not like super hero movies. I know. As a boy-mom it's something I fail at.  These are just not my jam. However, my 9 yr old watched this and you know what? It was pretty good!  Definitely worth giving a try, especially if your kid loves Spider Man!

5. Stuart Little

Stuart Little & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
This little mouse movie is a great one for the whole family to watch together! It came out in 1999 but is still a sweet family movie.

6. Yours, Mine, and Ours

Yours Mine and Ours & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
Originally a Lucille Ball movie, this was redone in 2005 with Dennis Quad and Renee Russo. A single father (Quad) of 8 marries a woman with 10 children.  This movie is sure to bring some laughs as it celebrates what it means to be a family.

7. The Bee Movie

The Bee Movie & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
Jerry Seinfeld voices the main character is this creative movie guessed it...a bee.  Definitely one that will get families laughing together. 

8. Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
If you didn't get the chance to see Christopher Robin when it debuted in 2018, now is your chance! We have watched it several times on Netflix. The movie is calm (not a chaotic/loud flick) yet it definitely has some humor.  I highly recommend checking Christopher Robin out on Netflix if you haven't already.

9. Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
Mary Poppins. Does it get any more family friendly than Mary Poppins? Our kids loved that Lin Manuel-Miranda is also in this film.  Now, I do think they original Marry Poppins is better than this sequel, but maybe that's because I'm nostalgic for my own childhood version of the movie.  At any rate, Mary Poppins Returns is another wonderful family-friendly movie option on Netflix.

10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
We are going all the way back to 1968 with this Netflix recommendation!  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stars Dick Van Dyke as the single father of 2 children.  He's constantly making quirky inventions!  This is a great movie to watch before working on a STEM project together!

11. The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
You may be thinking of the original Karate Kid movie, but the one available on Netflix right now is the 2010 version.  That sounds so NEW to me but was TEN years ago! Starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

12. Spy Kids

Spy Kids & other great family-friendly movies on Netflix
Hard to believe that this movie came out 19 years ago!  Yet Spy Kids is such a fun movie experience for children.  Even though it debuted before your children were even born, I bet they would enjoy getting to watch it with you on Netflix!

That's it, folks!  Those are my top 12 family-friendly movie recommendations for Netflix. Were there any great movies that I missed?  

One "Kids" Movie That Didn't Make the Cut

Cat In The Hat is on Netflix and had been promoted as a family movie, bringing a beloved Dr. Seuss character to the big screen. Grinch was amazing, after all.  Along came Cat in the Hat.  The jokes are shocking and lewd. That whole movie is a steaming pile of garbage.  
Horrible movies not appropriate for kids
I'm no husband and I loved "The Hangover" when we saw it in theaters and I have an entire Pinterest board of "PG 13 Humor".  But Cat in the Hat?  We're gonna pass.

Are there any other family-friendly kids movies on Netflix that you can think of to add to my list? 

The best family-friendly movies available on Netflix. Click through for our 12 favorites!