Monday, September 17, 2012

Reading List

So many books I want to read!  I've been adding to my amazon wishlist today and here are some that made the cut.  

What are you reading that I should add?

Kisses from Katie
amazon, uganda, adoption, kisses from katie

orphanology, orphans, adoption

The A.B.C. Murders
(I have liked other  Agatha Christie books so I figured this would be good too)
agatha christie, the abc murders

A Tale of Two Cities
(A classic that sadly I have not read yet!)
tale of two cities, classic book, charles dickens, dickens

By David Platt
david platt, radical, platt,

In other news, I'm going to have a poll later this week and ask you to vote for how I spend some money I earned.  Stay tuned.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Crap.  He saw it.  In the back of the car.

Actually he saw me buy the clearance trike at Kroger. I shoved it in the cart and hoped he forgot. He's two. Surely he'll forget.  

Then he kept seeing it in the back of the car.  

Big Brother has a bike.

Daddy just got a bike.

Little Guy had none.

"Biiiike!"  He yelled.  Over and over and over and over.  We were outside with Brother and Daddy, both whom have bikes.  The little guy wanted his SO bad.  We'd been trying to save it as a Christmas gift but I couldn't do it.  Couldn't let him sit there outside while everyone else had a bike and not give him his own bike (he's never had one before) that was already bought for him!

That's right.  Mommy is a softie.

Guess what?  Thomas the Train themed bike did NOT come assembled.  
The two year old was unamused that his staff (*cough* Mommy and Daddy) was taking so long to put it together.  But finally we got it done and he had a big ole' time.  

It was eight bucks.  We'll find something else to give him at Christmas.