Wednesday, October 18, 2017

14 of the best Cub Scout Snack Ideas

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If you are the parent of a cub scout, you know there will inevitably be a snack sign up sheet/email floating around.  I've searched the web to find some ideas for when it is our turn to bring scout snacks and today I'm sharing those ideas with you!

1. Smores in a Bag

From the blog A Girl and a Glue Gun (which has TONS of crafty ideas), this is a super cute and easy snack perfect for Cub Scout meetings.  
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2. Armpit Fudge

Yeah. Gross.  Exactly why the scouts will love it!  This snack idea comes from

3. Tiger Cub Cuties

How adorable is this snack for your den of Tigers?!  Just buy a bag of the "cuties" oranges and get out a Sharpie.  This image was on Pinterest without any website linked to it. Here is the link to the pin!
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4. Cub Scouts are one in a Minion

AkelasCouncil has the free printables you need to make this for your scout pack! 
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5. Turkey Snack Bags

As we approach Thanksgiving, these snack bags (from That's What Che Said) would be fun for your scouts. You could make them ahead of time and bring them to let the kids enjoy at the meeting, or hand them out as a take home snack, or have the scouts assemble them and take them home.  Of course you'll use scout popcorn. ;)

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6. Tiger Tail Pretzels

Another snack for the Tiger cubs in your life.  These chocolate dipped pretzels from LaForce Be With You are easy and cute!  Directions are on her website!
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7. Camp Nachos

This requires you to cook the beef ahead of time, but don't they look delicious!?  From Spindles Designs
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8. Individual Fruit Cups

A healthier snack option for Scouts.  Plus, these can be prepped ahead of time!  Courtesy of Family Friendly Frugality.
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9. String Cheese Snowman

Another healthier snack for your Scouts!  These snowmen string cheeses (from An Onion Exposed) are super cute.
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10. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

This great idea from A Thrifty Mom just requires refrigerated canned cinnamon rolls, roasting sticks, and about 8 minutes of cooking time.
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11. Dirt Pudding

What kid doesn't love dirt pudding??  Directions from Gummy Bears and Ponytails.
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12. Campfire Pies

Easy to make!  See the details on Made With Happy.
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13. Dutch Oven Dump Cake

Simple to make and it can cook over the fire while the scouts do other activities.  There are all kinds of dump cake recipes you can pick from.  Here's one from Diana Rambles.

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14. Pie Iron Pizza

You'll need pie irons for this. Hopefully your pack has some or you can borrow from other parents!
From Twin Dragonfly Designs.
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There you have it!  Fourteen snack ideas for your next cub scout meeting!  If you know of any other great ideas, please comment and let me know!  

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Funnies

It's Friday!!  Here are 3 new funnies for you this week....

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hesitating to join Swagbucks?

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