Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Funnies (Will & Grace)

We've all survived another week so you know that means it is time for Friday Funnies!

Here's something that made me laugh this week when I found it on Pinterest
Will & Grace, funny tv show quotes
of course it immediately went on my Funnies board.

Then I remembered how funny that show was and dug up two more Will & Grace giggles for you.

Will & Grace  Jack... Welcome to Cynical Island, Jack McFarland,

Will & Grace quotes, Will & Grace funny, Grace Adler,

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Writer's Block Tip (Fail).

I was just reading an article about tips for overcoming writer's block.  It wasn't what I expected but was an interesting read until I got to the tip that said:

"Write with your non-dominant hand."

LOLZ you guys.  Can you imagine what that would look like?

I made this in Microsoft Paint. It would be even worse if I wrote it left-handed.

Monday, January 27, 2014

My First DIY

Do you remember the very first craft or project you did?

I can't quite go back that far---as a kid I was always making something.  There is one memory that stands out though.

It must have been around the time I was 12.  HGTV had just really started to be a "thing" and I loved watching the craft shows.  They always did such cool stuff and that was where I first learned about decoupage and rubber stamping and scrap booking.

So at the age of 12, my mom was the cameraman and I created my own craft show.  The "set" was our living room with a card table set up.  Pretty sure I wore a groovy knit vest and put on some lipstick.

The project was either a button picture frame or a decoupage box, I forget which one it was.  just that I had such high hopes of being a guest on the Carol Duvall show!  Ha!

What was your first craft?  Do you remember it?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Funnies- Golden Girls

This show is old but still entertaining!  I was too young to watch Golden Girls when it was first on the air, but every now and then I like to catch a rerun.  Happy Friday!
Golden Girls ice cream felony

Golden Girls Rose, Golden Girls Sophia, Golden Girls Betty White

Golden Girls Sophia Dorothy, Golden Girls snoring, Golden Girl Meme, Golden Girls Quotes

Thursday, January 23, 2014

National Compliment Day {challenge}

Tomorrow is National Compliment Day!

I challenge you to compliment at least THREE people.

It doesn't have to be some long, mushy note to someone.  Here are some simple ideas to get you thinking:
  • Compliment the waitress for the quick service
  • Compliment a friend/stranger/acquaintance for a shirt/haircut/handbag that you genuinely like.
  • Compliment your child by telling them something unique about them that you love.  
  • Compliment your spouse on their good financial skills, WWII knowledge...whatever it is that they do well!
  • Compliment someone's new facebook picture.

Let me know what other ideas you have and if you find 3 people to compliment today!

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to help me in 2014

I love how this blogger wrote about ways her readers could help her out in the new year.  So I'm doing my own list!  :)
help a blogger, adsense, swagbucks, free amazon giftcards, pinning blog posts

1) Click on the ads.  I have 3 Google Adsense ads here on the blog.  One on the left <-- sidebar, one at the verrrry bottom of the site, and one that shows up in between posts here on the main page.  If any of them interest you, please click through.  I earn a tiny bit of money for each person that clicks (you don't have to buy, surf the site, signup for anything..just click!).

2) Leave comments.  It is always a joy to see what the readers have to say, so if you have a comment on a post, by all means, leave it.  Commenting here is easy--no captchas or security codes.

3) Share my facebook posts.  Facebook is a great tool, but they keep changing the way you see things from "likes" and now only a small amount of people who "like" my page can see my posts. If you click the "share" button and post it on your own page, it will really help my visibility.

4) Use my referral link when you join Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is NOT a toolbar that you have to download.  Just a website to use to earn swagbucks that you can redeem for amazon gift cards.  Currently I have $35 in amazon cards that were totally free! They are just waiting for me to spend them!  You can earn too. Signing up is FREE and I get some credit once you start earning your own swagbucks.  Everyone wins. Points for me, giftcards for you.  

5) Pin the posts you like.  Use Pinterest to pin posts that you like, you'll be able to find them easily in the future and it helps get this little blog seen by more people.

Thanks for being super readers!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Funnies-Baby Clothes

This week's Friday Funnies feature silly shirts for babies!  

awkward moment
Im acute kid Baby Bodysuit

Funny Baby Onesie Picture - What's that smell.  Oh wait it's me ... #awkward

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crap I Did During Winter Weather

Alaska was warmer than where I live.  For real, I am not saying that for added drama.   The temps in Alaska were warmer than at my house.

Last week, the windchill for us was -35, -39, etc.  I mean after -30 it doesn't really matter because I'm not leaving the freaking house.


Here's what I accomplished while being cabin-fevered in with the kids:

-Organized my Pinterest boards
-Beat 3 new levels of Candy Crush Saga
-Beat 3 new levels of Pet Rescue Saga
-Read a Joshilyn Jackson book
-Read a kid's novel ("The Search for Delicious")

-Figured out how to work HootSuite
-Curious George marathon with my toddler
-Sat with a heating pad on my feet, a quilt wrapped around me, and a space heater.  
-Nervously watched our supply of food dwindle down.
-Chastised my husband for eating more than his share of the pudding cups.

And that, dear readers, is how I spent the blizzardy days.  I should have organized the hall closet and linen closet and sorted through kids' outgrown clothes.  However, because I was cold and unmotivated, I focused on those stupid totally worthwhile facebook games instead.  WINNING.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[13] Valentine Favor Ideas : For Kids

Links may be affiliate links. See full disclosure here.

I love Valentine's Day because it is a sign that Spring is coming.  Pinterest has been helping me find tons of great ideas for my preschooler to give out as Valentine's and today, I'm sharing those ideas with you. (2019 update: My kids are past the preschool stage but many of these would be popular with the elementary crowd. Especially cars, glow sticks, and any food items!)

preschool valentine favors, school valentine, cute valentine favors

1. Alison from Oopsey Daisey offers this adorable idea and free printable!

2. Another PBJ themed idea courtesy of Beth from Unskinny Boppy
Valentine's Day gift, we go together like peanut butter and jelly

3. I just love these festive straws for Valentine's Day handouts!
sip sip hooray valentine, preschool valentine, valentine favors
They are from Kinzie's Kreations and offered as a free printable!

4. Heart shaped mini chalkboards from Tonii at Blue Skies Ahead. I can't find pink ones but Amazon has a pack of 24 mini black heart chalkboards for $12.
diy valentine, chalk valentine, chalkboard paint valentines day

5. The folks from Fiskars have this fun treat for Pop Rocks valentines:

6. Do you ever find Valentine's can be a little bit girly?  Which is fine except it presents a challenge for us moms who have boys that don't want to give out anything remotely pink or feminine.  When I saw this idea on pinterest it seemed like a great one to satisfy the boy crowd!
coin valentine, valentines for boys, money themed valentine, don't ever change valentine, money party favor
From Alexis, visit HERE to see it on her blog.

7. Play-doh is always a hit with the preschool crowd and Queen Mother Blog created this super cute "Doh you want to be my valentine" gift for kids:
Play Doh party favors, play doh valentine, Dough valentines

8. There are lots of "I'm wild about you!" valentine ideas using small plastic toys.  Here was one suggestion from Design Mom
wild about you kids valentine, toy valentines, allergy friendly valentine
The plastic animals run about $7 for a pack of 12 on Amazon.  {See them here}

9. You could also do the Wild About You idea with animal crackers:
Preschool valentine, wild about you valentine, Valentine's Day Gift for kids, Kindergarten valentine
Via Nestling Designs

10. Dandee Designs has the most adorable bug themed valentine! Again you could get the bugs in bulk from Oriental Trading Company, or the Dollar Tree often has packs of 6-8 bugs in their toy section.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Love Bug!"
love bug valentine, allergy friendly valentine ideas, non candy valentine, mason jar valentine

11. Here's another super non-candy Valentine treat for preschoolers (or kids of any age really!)... GLOW STICKS!
Tween valentine, preschool valentine, You make my heart glow, non-food valentine
From Emily at Journey of Parenthood

12. These teddy grahams valentine's are just precious.
Preschool Valentine, Teddy Grahams valentine, teddy bear valentines

13. Finally, for all the car lovers out there, Little Blue's Room brings you this "wheelie" cute idea:
hot wheels valentine, preschool valentine, boy valentines

You can get a 16 pack of cars for $10 on Amazon (free shipping with Prime) or a set of 30 cars from Oriental Trading for $12.99 plus shipping.

Shared at I Can Teach My Child  & So Simply Stephanie

Monday, January 13, 2014

The funniest thing that I ever (personally) saw

The other day, I got to thinking about what was the funniest thing I had ever seen with my own two eyes.

I'm not sure if this is really a "super funny!" or more of a "what is he thinking?!" thing but here it is:

My husband and I were driving down the road one day when a guy on a motorcycle passed us.

The dude on the motorcycle (that you have to drive with your hands) was smoking.

And talking on a cell phone.

Like, how is that even possible?!  

What is the funniest thing YOU have ever seen? 
Let me know in the comments!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Funnies (Blizzard!)

Raise your hand if you've been in the path of the winter storm this week.

Ugh!  So much snow and so much COLD here! Of course I made this week's Friday Funnies all snow/blizzard themed.

your bad day begins, winter, winter funny, snow fail

Message in snow, ain't nobody got time for that, winter funny

snowman comic, snow funny, blizzard funny, blizzard comic, snowman weight gain

Here's hoping you have enough hot chocolate to get through the rest of winter!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snotty Shoppers

We are in the midst of a blizzard/snowpacolypse.  At least one person in this town was a real bee-otch about it.

The night before bad weather came, I went to a few stores to get some things that my husband forgot on his grocery run a few days prior.

I'm walking through the grocery store getting my few little big deal.  Then, this woman and her husband pass by me and the I overhear the woman say, disgustedly, "I mean how LONG do they think they are going to be frozen in?" She snort/giggles and keeps going.

It was quite rude.  No one there was hoarding groceries, we all were just merrily going about getting whatever things we were going to need.  This is the worst weather we've had in two decades. You legitimately can NOT leave your house.  
And this woman sat there on her high horse acting like we were all beneath her (although why was SHE in the store in the first place?).

I may or may not have muttered something about "a--holes" and walked past her...  ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

30 Ways to Encourage New Moms

Do you know anyone having a baby?  They are going to need some help!  I'd be first in line to hold a baby but truly what new moms really help with other things.  I've made  list here of various ways people helped me when we had newborns along with some things I've done for other new moms.  

Half of the ideas don't actually cost anything! You can encourage a new mom without spending a dime.  The free ideas are listed in red.  And though my kids are older now, if anyone wants to make a "Mom to Teens & Tweens" care packages and drop it off at my door?  I wouldn't object. 

New moms need some help: here are 30 ways to help a mom of a newborn baby!

1. Drop by and visit at the hospital--just don't stay long!  5 minutes maybe?
2. Take Mom a Hospital Snack Bag--hospital food is ick.  Package up some granola bars, muffins, or anything you think she may like.
3. Stop by with a meal-drop it off, don't stay.
4. Bring Breakfast-in-a-Bag and drop it off for the new parents (choose a few breakfast items such as orang juice, bagels/cream cheese, homemade muffins or iced coffee.  Put them in a gift bag and drop it off!)
5. See a great price on baby wipes?  Buy a package and give them to the new mom.

6. Offer to come over and do her dishes.
7. Bring her plastic forks and paper plates so SHE doesn't have to do as many dishes.
8. Tell her how good she looks.  ;)
9. Schedule an e-card or funny email to be delivered to her email account at 3am: let her know you are thinking of her.  Odds are she will get the e-card/email when she is up feeding the baby in the wee hours.
10. Offer her clothes that your children have outgrown.

11. Offer to loan her your baby gear: exersaucer, high chair, etc.

12. Surprise her with a gift card to the mall and tell her she has to buy something for HERSELF
13. If a holiday is coming up, offer to come help her decorate. If it just passed (like she has a baby after Christmas), offer to come box all the decorations up.
14. Save baby coupons for her.  If you don't need the diaper/wipe/formula coupons, I'm sure there is a new mother who does!
15. Tell her what a good job she's doing.
mom encouragement, new mom, kind words for new mom, mom praise, you are a good mom
16. Hold back on telling her your pieces of advice...unless she asks.
17. If the weather is extreme (hot or cold!), call her up before you head to the grocery and ask if she wants you to grab her a few things so she doesn't have to get the baby out.
18. Does she have other children?  Offer to take them for an hour.
19. Or send a new dvd or package of coloring books and sticker books to occupy the older ones.
20. Stalk her Pinterest boards to find something she's been wanting, surprise her by buying it for her.
pinterest image, pinterest logo
21. Have a fruit basket delivered.
22. Going to Starbucks?  Order her favorite drink too and drop it off for her.
23. Gift her with a reservation for a massage. (This can be pricey, maybe some other friends could pitch in for it with you.)
24. Invite her over for a girl's movie night.
25. Wash her car.
car wash comic, washing the car
26. Wash her windows!
27. Give her a freezer meal---that way she can pop it in the oven on a night she isn't up to cooking.
28. Mail a card and $5 Walgreens gift card so she can print off some pictures of the new little one.
29. Pick up or make a pretty journal for her.
30. Sit and listen to her birth horror story/fears/excitement/lackofsleep complaints.
mom comic, funny mom, funny motherhood
Even with a list of 30 things, I'm sure I am missing some. What are ways YOU have helped or been encouraged as a new mom?

Lots of way (many are free!) you can help a brand new mom.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Funnies-New Year's Resolution

For all of you who make New Year's Resolutions, today's funnies are for you!

Funny New Years Resolutions – 24 Pics

Funny new year resolutions 2014
Funny New Year's Day | Dump A Day Funny new years resolutions, office pool - Dump A Day

Good luck to you!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear Me (in 1 year),

Dear Me (1 yr from now),

It's the time of year where people make resolutions or choose a "word of the year" or some other trend that only gets half-way followed up on.  By March, the treadmills go back up for sale on Craigslist and no one remembers their "word of the year."
okay actually this could be a good one.
So, self, we're not doing that.  I'm not looking at all the things you/I should be, and what we're doing wrong or too much/not enough of.  I'm not shaming you into dropping X pounds, reading through the entire Bible, or carpe diem-ing any days.

One year from now, I hope you've let go of a few insecurities and picked up some new confidences.
I hope you've stopped beating yourself up for the not-perfect parenting days and cherished the ones you got right.
I hope you continued to serve in the community and can look back and see the impact made.
I hope you read at least 5 really stupid chick lit books.  Just for fun.
I hope you've found a new favorite children's book because really, Click Clack Moo can't be the basis for every lesson plan you make.
I hope your faith and your understanding of God's love has grown deeper.

And finally, I hope you have come up with a better system for staying on top of the laundry around here.  Using the dryer as a dresser isn't really working for us, okay?