Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crap I Did During Winter Weather

Alaska was warmer than where I live.  For real, I am not saying that for added drama.   The temps in Alaska were warmer than at my house.

Last week, the windchill for us was -35, -39, etc.  I mean after -30 it doesn't really matter because I'm not leaving the freaking house.


Here's what I accomplished while being cabin-fevered in with the kids:

-Organized my Pinterest boards
-Beat 3 new levels of Candy Crush Saga
-Beat 3 new levels of Pet Rescue Saga
-Read a Joshilyn Jackson book
-Read a kid's novel ("The Search for Delicious")

-Figured out how to work HootSuite
-Curious George marathon with my toddler
-Sat with a heating pad on my feet, a quilt wrapped around me, and a space heater.  
-Nervously watched our supply of food dwindle down.
-Chastised my husband for eating more than his share of the pudding cups.

And that, dear readers, is how I spent the blizzardy days.  I should have organized the hall closet and linen closet and sorted through kids' outgrown clothes.  However, because I was cold and unmotivated, I focused on those stupid totally worthwhile facebook games instead.  WINNING.


  1. LOL, overall sounds like a pretty good time! I have sat through many Curious George marathons. Sadly, at 8, Brady is mostly over it though we still love the books. I'll bet he'll get into it again sometime. It is my favorite kid's show.

  2. I kinda miss lazy snowy days. And watching the fresh snow sparkle.

  3. I just figured out hootsuite too--kind of. Pinterest is always fun (no time lately), and we have enough food for forever (or a long time.) But I stayed in too--we did go through clothes one day!

  4. I'm still trying to figure out how to use Hootsuite and still have no inkling about Pinterest. As for hubby and those pudding cups, sounds like something I would chastise mine for too. :)

  5. It sounds like you had both a very productive week as well as spending quality time with your toddler. Well done!


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