Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear Me (in 1 year),

Dear Me (1 yr from now),

It's the time of year where people make resolutions or choose a "word of the year" or some other trend that only gets half-way followed up on.  By March, the treadmills go back up for sale on Craigslist and no one remembers their "word of the year."
okay actually this could be a good one.
So, self, we're not doing that.  I'm not looking at all the things you/I should be, and what we're doing wrong or too much/not enough of.  I'm not shaming you into dropping X pounds, reading through the entire Bible, or carpe diem-ing any days.

One year from now, I hope you've let go of a few insecurities and picked up some new confidences.
I hope you've stopped beating yourself up for the not-perfect parenting days and cherished the ones you got right.
I hope you continued to serve in the community and can look back and see the impact made.
I hope you read at least 5 really stupid chick lit books.  Just for fun.
I hope you've found a new favorite children's book because really, Click Clack Moo can't be the basis for every lesson plan you make.
I hope your faith and your understanding of God's love has grown deeper.

And finally, I hope you have come up with a better system for staying on top of the laundry around here.  Using the dryer as a dresser isn't really working for us, okay?



  1. You mean you aren't supposed to use the dryer and laundry baskets as a dresser? Man I am lost! Haha! Happy New Year!

    1. Yeah,apparently some people fold their laundry when the dryer buzzes. What?! LOL

  2. Your post is very entertaining and special. Indeed. It is very unique one. Happy New year for you and family.

  3. Click Clack Moo is awesome!! I need to get my oldest to find new favorite movies. He is all about Pizza and Eggmund from Narnia. (Peter and Edmund. )

  4. If I had to have a New Year's resolution, which I'm pretty sure I don't, it would be not to look back at 2013. It's gone and not coming back. Forge ahead.... P.S. Would probably be using my dryer as a dresser, but it's in the basement and I try not to go down there...


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