Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Parties for boys--Skateboarding

Calling all moms of boys!

Boys, particularly older boys, can be hard to plan a party for.  But if you have boys you already know that!

My oldest is getting ready to turn 9.  We are past the Bob the Builder, fireman, and Clifford stage with him. He likes skateboarding, BMX bikes and things that make mothers nervous.

So I was searching around on etsy and found this shop.  The Green Grass Grows.  After "liking" most of her items for sale, I did some shopping.

First I ordered cupcake toppers for the party.
Here's her photo from the listing:

Skateboarder Cupcake Toppers

I didn't buy the invitations but am kind of wishing I had.  
Skate Board Custom Invitation and Cupcake Toppers Printable

She was so sweet to work with on things and custom did this banner for us (this is her photo from the listing...instead of it being a "happy birthday" banner, we got it spelling out our son's name. This is a gift for hang as a decoration in his bedroom).  It turned out great! :)  Skate Boarder Birthday Party Banner

Party Favors (no pics yet)
--skateboard themed paper bag from Party City
--skateboard key chain from Party City
--glow stick

--"extreme" candy: Pop Rocks, Cry Baby, War Head


  1. I have 3 sons, now 26, 17 and 11. So I've had my fair share of planning boys parties. lol I love the idea of Personalizing the banner to be used as a decoration for the party, and in their bedroom after the party. Thanks for the idea!

  2. My son will turn 9 in July. He's asking for a Beyblade party. I'm thinking (and will probably be proven wrong) that it might be fun to have a Beyblade tourney at home. We'll see! Love the pics and will stop by that site to check out what else she has!

  3. Love the party theme! Thank you for the comment earlier today. I started following your blog and twitter, hope you are following both of mine. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

    The Girl in the Wild West!/girlandwildwest

  4. Good ideas. Mine is still little for now, though. :-)

    1. Same here - My oldest boy just turned 6. Good ideas though and I love the banner that's a decoration and not just part of the trash afterwards!

  5. Cool party theme! I would use it if I had boys.
    Have a great day!


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