Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 activities for "Ten Little Rubber Ducks" (Eric Carle)

Planning an Eric Carle unit in your classroom?  A duck theme in your preschool?  Or maybe you just want some cute ideas to do at home with your own child.

I've rounded up the best of the internet for you!  TEN different activities, games, and crafts to use with Eric Carle's book "Ten Little Rubber Ducks"
(In this based-on-real-events story, a shipping crate containing ten rubber duck toys spills into the ocean.  Eric Carle describes which direction each duck went and what ocean creature that duck met along the way.  The ending is sweet with a little surprise)

1. Art and Math
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The blog Adventures in Reading With Kids had a lot of great duck ideas.  For this one, children get ten ducks and add the eye and the red beak.  Then they paint a paper to look like the ocean and glue on the ducks once it is dry.  To extend this activity for at home, she covered it with contact paper and then numbered the ducks.  Next, she numbered an extra set of ducks and PRESTO, a matching game!

2. Subtraction
eric carle, ten little rubber ducks, duck math lesson, homeschool duck unit

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten blog used this duck activity.  Put rubber ducks on a mat (the pond!) and roll the dice to see how many to subtract.  I'm going to adapt this for younger kids by simply having them roll the die and put that number of ducks into the pond.

3. Clip Art and Puppets
eric carle clip art, clip art flamingo, clip art sea animals, eric carle ten little rubber ducks

Kindergarten Nana has THE most adorable clip art for you to print.  These go along with all the characters that the ducks meet in the book.  I'm going to print, color, and laminate and turn them into either Popsicle stick puppets or magenetic pieces children can use to retell the story.

4. Color/Shape Match

10 little rubber ducks, rubber duck matching game, preschool game, homeschool preschool game, duck lesson plans, duck preschool plans
Kinder Friends Learning shares this fun rubber duck idea.  Gather your duckies and put a color or shape on the bottoms, kids try to find the matching pairs.  Would be really cute in a small baby pool (with or without water depending on if you can go outside).

5. Ducky Stamping
Did you know you can use the bottom of the ducks to stamp with ink?  I didn't, but Deborah from Teach Preschool did!
duck stamping, eric carle duck book, activities for duck book, duck themed art

6. Water Table Fun

duck water table, rubber ducky lesson plan, rubber ducky preschool
photo source

Add duckies to your water table!
 Encourage students to count all ten, make a line and identify which is first or second, etc (ordinal numbers)

7. Are you really brave?
duck painting, duck preschool foot painting, duck art lesson, rubber duck preschool unit, eric carle activities, 10 little rubber ducks activity, 10 little rubber ducks extender
photo source
If you answered yes, then you may try the footprint duck painting shown!

8. Sponge Painting

duck painting, book activities eric carle

Cut sponges into duck shapes, provide the paper and paint, and let the kids go to town! From Teacher's Land

9. True Story!
Tell the true story of the rubber ducks that inspired Eric Carle's book!  Here is the link to the BBC article.

10. Music
Time to sing "5 Little Ducks"!  Kids love this song, it is repetitive so they can catch on quickly, they get to make animal sounds, and as a bonus, it is educational as it teaches numbers 1-5.
"Five little ducks went out one day  (hold up 5 fingers)
over the hill and far away (arm swoops in over motion, hand above eyes looking far)
Mama duck called, (both hands around mouth to call)

'quack quack quack quack'
4 little ducks came waddling back." (hold up 4 fingers)
Continue through till no little ducks come back...then:
"No little ducks went out one day (hold up empty hands, shrug, sing sadly)
over the hill and far away

Mama duck called
'quack quack quack qucak (sad quacks. Mama misses her ducklings!)
All FIVE ducks came waddling back!" (Joyfully hold up FIVE fingers)

1200+ more ideas for teaching and learning:

Shared at Someday Crafts


  1. I like all of these activities. I think I'll use this next week.

  2. These are some really great activities. Thank you for sharing. We've actually never read that Eric Carles book and we're huge Eric Carles fans. I'm going to check one out as well.

  3. The printables are the best! We can never get enough of them here.

  4. what great ideals...we love Eric Carle books!

  5. What fun ideas! I love activities that help children learn but are also enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, I kind of wish I had a little one again, just to do all these cute crafts! Mine are 14 and 12 now.

    Have a great week!

  7. When Brady was young, say age 2 and 3, he ADORED rubber duckies. I wish I would have seen this then!

  8. So cute! Love all these duck activities.

  9. What a nice collection of activities!

  10. This is one of my favorite books to read to the quads. Will pine these activities for when they get older!

  11. First time stopping by and I think I am in love with your blog! I am now a Bloglovin follower and can't wait to read more! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and I am SO glad I stopped by. Have a great weekend.

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