Tuesday, October 7, 2014

*55* Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween *BOYS*

Raise your hand if you have a preteen ("tween") boy to buy for this Christmas?

*raises hand*

Raise your hand if you can't believe that your baby boy is THIS old now?

*raises hand*
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Now that our oldest son is a preteen, our gift giving has to change.  He won't be happy anymore with one of these:
I've been thinking about things he and his friends like and compiled this list of FIFTY-FIVE gift ideas for tween boys.  I hope this will help you, and I, get thinking and figure out what to get our sweet boys for Christmas!

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1. Alarm clock  2. Air Hog  3. Digital Camera  4. Sporting Event Tickets  5. Sports equipment (baseball glove, soccer cleats, shin guards, mouth guard, basketball, etc)

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6. Water Bottle (our family likes the Nalgene brand)  7. Snap Circuits Set  8. Scooter (Razors are inexpensive, MGP's are for doing heavy tricks and cost more)  9. Music Equipment (Guitar pick, sheet music, etc)  10. Slush Mug

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11. Karaoke machine   12. Pokemon Cards   13. Nerf Vortex  14. Movie Tickets  15. Rubik's Cube

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16. Clothes from whatever store your tween thinks is "cool" ;)   17. Game Stop Gift Card  18. Lava Lamp   19. Boxed Book Set (Harry Potter or The Hobbit are good choices)   20. Ear Buds

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21. Microscope and Slides   22. Anything MINECRAFT  23. iTunes Gift Card   24. Guinness World Records Book  25.  Light Up Slinky

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26. Extreme Dot-to-Dot Book   27. iPod/iPhone or accessories (speakers, stands, etc)  28. Bowling Alley gift card to take him and a friend  29. GoPro Hero5 Camera  30. Watch

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31. DVD (Duck Dynasty, The Lego Movie, a documentary, etc)  32. Locker Accessories  33. Lessons (golf lessons, music, gymnastics, etc)  34. Camping Gear (sleeping bag, lantern, headlight)  35. Ductigami Book

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36. Skateboard   37. Tech Deck Toy   38. Pogo Stick   39. RipStik   40. Skate Wax

41. Gaming Chair   42. Science Kit   43. Baseball Cards   44. K'Nex Set   45. Magazine Subscription

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46. Theme Park Tickets (if you live near one)   47. Swiss Army Knife   48. Xbox (or other system) Game   49. Wallet   50. Telescope

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51. Snack Basket of their Faves  52.  Star Wars Lego set   53. Cinch Bag (This Under Armour sackpack would be a hit!)   54.  Comic Book Creator Software   55.  Pajama Pants

Phew!  Okay there are 55 ideas up there!  There are sure to be several that will suit the tween boy in your life.  If you have a gift idea that I missed for those hard-to-buy-for preteen boys, let me know!

You can find other gift ideas on my Gift Ideas board here on Pinterest!

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  1. So much stuff you can buy for kids. I have no boys yet (just one in the womb). These are such great ideas. Thanks for sharing!!! BTW: Come link this up with us at our Home Matters Linky party today!!!

  2. great list, my son would love all of these!

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