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Gifts for Senior Citizens

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Have you ever wanted to get a gift for a senior citizen but not been sure what to get?

Me too.

I've been giving it a lot of thought over the last 6 months-ish. Sometimes the person may have limited mobility, dietary concerns, or be a nursing home resident.  Here are 30 gift ideas for senior citizens that I have come up with so far.  These encompass every price range.  If you think of anything else to add, please let me know in the comments!

  1. Audiobook
  2. Gospel music CD or DVD (Statler Brothers or Gaither Brothers are both very popular)
  3. Small "Chicken Soup for the Soul" type book (Dollar Tree often has small versions)
  4. Traction socks
  5. Jar gripper/opener
  6. Tab opener for cans. These handy little things can help open soda of course, but also pull-tab soup cans, fruit cups, and so on. At under $6 the tab openers are a great stocking stuffer for the senior citizen in your life!  

  7. Car wash gift cards if the person still drives and has a car
  8. Fresh fruit delivery or fruit bouquet
  9. Pay for their newspaper subscription
  10. Keurig : perfect for making single-servings of coffee!  I love how cute this little red one is from Amazon.  These often go on sale at Black Friday so if it's close to that time of year---keep an eye on the ads!
  11. K-cups and/or K-cup organizer 
  12. Homemade meals frozen in individual serving sizes so they can "heat and eat" a good meal without having the prep or clean up work.
  13. Pay for all or some of the Cable TV subscription.
  14. Lawn service. Give them gift certificates for you to come do their lawn care or hire someone to do it.
  15. Flowering plant (Christmas cactus, Amaryllis, etc)
  16. Bed jackets for a woman, undershirts for a man
  17. House slippers
  18. Organizing pocket for walker or wheelchair.  One of my relatives who lives alone uses this and keeps her cordless phone in it. That way she always is able to make a call if needed.
  19. Bird feeder and bird seed. 
  20. Reminisce magazine subscription 
  21. Bed tray!  This one is under $25 on Amazon! 
  22. Digital photo frame (you preload with photos from past and present)
  23. ipod shuffle (you preload with Big Band songs or songs that they enjoy)
  24. Book of stamps. Many of the seniors I know enjoy sending cards and letters.  A book of stamps can help offset the cost plus it is something that will get used up and not clutter their home.
  25. Assorted greeting cards.  This goes along with #24. You can get boxes of cards for a variety of occasions.
  26. Gift cards: Pharmacy or Restaurants 
  27. Roomba vacuum cleaner--as long as you are sure they won't trip over it and fall.
  28. Lift chair (maybe something for everyone in the family to pitch in for)
  29. Magnifying card.  My grandpa had one like this and used it to help him read his mail. They can be found for under $10 on Amazon.                                                   

  30. Restaurant gift card: if the person is still getting out and about a $5 or $10 gift card to Bob Evan's or Denny's could be very appreciated.
  31. Photo magnet: use a photo of yourself or the grandkids or an old photo of the gift recipient and their spouse. 
  32. Electric blanket
  33. Heating pad
  34. Electric chair pad (yes these last 3 are very similar. What can I say? I love warm, cozy things)
  35. Time. Go visit. Chat. Play a card game. Watch a Western movie. Sit on the porch. 
  36. Charitable donation: if your loved one had been a teacher, consider donating to a classroom project through Donor's Choose. Maybe your gift recipient was a farmer, you could donate to a local FFA chapter.  Is your family member someone who was always taking in stray pets? Take some supplies to your local shelter, snap photos, and let your relative know you did this in honor of them.
  37. Button/zipper hook 
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    This is around $9 on Amazon with free shipping. 
  38. Compression socks
  39. Pay someone local to shovel the walk and drive (or plow) every time it snows.
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Not sure what to get your grandparents? Here are over 30 gift ideas perfect for seniors living on their own, in assisted living, or in nursing homes.


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