Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whatever is....

This is a clever intro. (Honestly I couldn't think of a clever introduction to the project, so I thought if I just typed "this is clever" it would fool you. Did it work?)

As a control-freak, worry-wort, my mind is always racing. A Bible verse that I need constant reminder of is in Philippians. "Whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is praiseworthy....think on these things."

A friend recently posted that on facebook and it inspired me to make this wall hanging. It will hang in my living room to serve as a constant reminder about what to think about, and to let the control-freak worry-wort things take a chill.

Want to make one too? Here's how I did it:

First, pick your papers. Spend a lot of time doing this. Wonder where the paper you just bought is?

Settle on papers and get out your Slice die cutting machine. All your friends have more expensive Hobos and Gypsies or something like that. Laugh evilly as you think of all the money you saved by getting a Slice instead and how much you love it and want to marry it.

Start cutting letters.

Feed Fussy Baby puffs to snack on.

Meticulously use scissors to finish cutting out letters because your beloved Slice didn't cut all the way through the thick card stock. Have mean thoughts about the Slice and consider divorce.

Feed Fussy Baby more puffs and hope for FIVE MINUTES, please FIVE MINUTES!

Play with how to arrange the words. Do you want an 8x10 size? 12x12?

Shabang! Decide that the layered sizes of paper will work.

Spend 10 minutes looking for Xyron. Fail to find it and resolve to use a tape runner to painstakingly adhere everrry letter. Be grateful you didn't include the longer words of the verse, like "praiseworthy".

Discover where all the baby's puffs have actually been going:

Adhere all the letters. Make the "Whatever is" piece by layering scrap yellow card stock, white sticker letters, and brown kraft card stock.

Make funny faces at Baby who is now not fussy, but incredibly BORED. Watching Mommy craft must be mind-numbing. I have a feeling HGTV won't be offering me a show anytime soon.

Dig out the Mod Podge bottle.

Spend 2 minutes trying to pry off Mod Podge lid. Realize it has been far too long since you used it when the lid fights back. Decide peeling back the top this far is good enough:

Spend 4 minutes looking for paint brushes. Find none.

Use balled up paper towel to dip into Mod Podge. Shelac the heck out of your wall hanging. Shelac shelac shelac. Say "shelac" three times just for fun.

Let dry. Even though the Mod Podge is "matte," it leaves a distressed look to the papers.

Admire your handiwork.

Decide you just may marry the Slice afterall.

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  1. Great craft! And best of luck!! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI! :) Your post made me LOL! :)

  2. Hi, I found your blog through an Etsy thread. Great post & good luck! I had days like that not too long ago. Now I stop every 5 minutes to pick up after or tend to my 4 year old! Very cute craft idea too! I'm trying to get some interest in a craft idea sharing discussion on my facebook page here www.facebook.com/printasticdesigns. Would you mind if I link to this blog post?

  3. Glad you got a laugh Angie!

    Printastic--you may absolutely link to this. Thanks!

    Yes, the 4yr old stage can be hard too, at that point they really need entertained!

  4. At least you got it done! LOL! It looks great :)

    Visiting from Serenity Now!

  5. I got a good laugh from your post! Your project is pretty great, too ;)

  6. You did get it done, and it looks great!! LOL about divorcing your slice. ;) I hope you'll link this up at my "I {Heart" My Crafty Cutter" party on the week of 2/21. It's open for any type of die cutting project, tip, or trick. :)

    Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Have fun finding some new reads, and I hope you'll come back and visit Serenity Now again soon! :)

  7. Hi! I'm a follower! You are hilarious! I love the sign, and want to make one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. You are funny and cute and funny and sweeet and FUNNY!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck in your contest!

  9. Thank you all! I have my fingers and toes and eyes crossed for the craft contest. :)

    Even if I don't make it past the auditions, this has been a fun post all around. From making the actual wall hanging to writing the blog about it.

  10. Great post--shelac, shelac, shelac! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  11. I remember this one! :) This is the first Slice project I've seen today! Very cool. :) I love having little reminders like that out to catch my attention throughout the day.

    Thank you for joining my "I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter" party! :) Hope you find some great inspiration, and come visit Serenity Now again soon. :)

  12. I too know what it is like to try to craft under pressure of a baby wanting mama's attention. lol

    It is cute, glad you got it all done ;)

  13. Hi there...

    What a fun and cute post, my friend! I giggled all the way through it! Actually it brought back so many memories to me of the times that I enjoyed crafting while my children were little!

    I love this scripture verse in Philippians! I think it's a great idea to make a beautiful piece of art with it to hang! You did a fabulous job, my friend! It turned out beautifully! Best wishes in the crafting contest! So glad that you joined in with the Sunday Favorites repost party!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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