Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 5 Must-Haves for a Post-Partum Mommy

Know anyone having a baby soon?  Exactly 25,089 people in my life are pregnant right now (NOT ME).*

Being that I've done the whole "have a baby" thing three times, I figured it would be good to share my top 5 must have's for post-pregnancy (for the MOMMY, not the BABY..that is an entirely different post).

Next time you need a gift for someone who just had a baby, consider one or all of these!

1. Trashy magazine.
After having pushed out another human being from my lower mommyparts, I was not up to reading some heavy  magazine about genocide or corrupt politics.  Give me some Brangelina news!

2.  Food, glorious food.
The stuff they passed off as "chop suey" at my last hospital stay was actually vegetables covered in brown beef GRAVY.  The kind you put on mashed potatoes.  ??WTHeck hospital!?  Take that new Mama something good.  A good coffee, a sub from a local place, heck take in a deep dish pizza.  Anything so she doesn't have to eat that "chop suey" that my hospital passes out proudly.

3. Nipple Cream.
Did not discover this until baby #3.  If she tries to nurse AT ALL, bring that woman a tube of nipple cream.  I know, it isn't as fun as buying a cutesy baby outfit with ducks on it.  But her nipples will thank you.  I used this brand:
Lansinoh Breast Creme

4. Granny Panties.
FYI, birthing a baby is very messy.  Even a c-section is messy and you'll bleed out the hoo-hah.**  So be a good friend and buy your buddy some boring undies that she can ruin and not feel bad about.  OR buy her some nice ones to replace the nice ones she's sure to trash.

5. Booby Ice Packs.
Nursing or not, those things blow up with engorgement like balloons.  While the male species thinks this is the best thing to ever happen to them, it hurts like the dickens.  Your New Mama friend will adore you if you bring her some cooling pads.
Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads - Medela  - Babies"R"Us

*Fine. I "estimated" the number.
**Is that spelled right?  IS there even a correct way to spell hoo-hah?  These are the things I wonder about daily.

Question for my mommy readers:
What were YOUR must haves after birth?  Anything I missed?  Mommies that adopted, I'd love to hear from you too!  What was most useful in those first few weeks?

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  1. Ha! Since I'm due to have my 4th (augh!!!) in a few months, this is definitely helpful for me. I had #1 and #2 down, but the rest were all new to me. :) I always find that bath time no longer applies to just kids...I loved having a good soak after the baby is born. SO relaxing!

  2. The picture of pizza next to #2 reminds me that my last meal before my first child was born happened to be Uno's Pizza. I had their cheeseburger pizza, which I don't think is on the menu anymore, but when I asked about it the last time I went to Uno's they made it for me anyway. Good greasy stuff, what is typically found on a cheese burger: ground beef and cheese, of course, with ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles.

  3. Stopping by to say Hi from FB Mom Blog Group. I'm your newest GFC friend.
    This is a great list! I'd add a nice comfy rocker. With my 1st I didn't have one, but hubby got a super nice one for baby # 2 and it made all the difference in the world when it came to late night early morning feedings.

  4. Honestly, I'm more of a novel person than a magazine person. But close enough. And i actually preferred the nipple creams that didn't use lanolin b/c I found the lanolin kinda sticky. I would say a good nursing pillow should be on that list (like My Brest Friend) because it can make nursing much easier.

  5. I once bought someone nursing pads off her registry...and then chickened out and gave her the cute onesy with ducks on it. I always wondered if she checked her registry, saw that the breast pads were purchased, and then wished she knew where the heck they were!

  6. Lansinoh was wonderful!! I didn't try it with my first until I was so sore!! It helped so much and after that, I used it all the time. Washable nursing pads were wonderful too! I used the disposable ones and then found some washable ones - so much nicer and cheaper too.

  7. LOL! Food, glorious food! I remember when I came out of the recovery room after my C-Section, I was ravenous!

  8. As a mom of 6, I have to say you've come up with a great list! My youngest is 11, and there are a couple of new products that I didn't have. I wish I had had the Lansinoh and the cooling pads!


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